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Review by Judith

Close Protection by Cordelia Kingsbridge

45stars4.5 Stars.45stars

890 Pages,50 chapters…..this one would normally not be on my radar……BUT….I read a friend’s review and followed her updates and just had to read it and I’m so glad I did.Let’s face it…a book that took me a week to read and I didn’t lose interest,to me that’s an indication of a good book.

Let’s get down to it….there’s an age difference and please don’t judge me but I find that so hot.


Luca is young,highly promiscuous….but you have to understand his past to understand the way he is.This is a hot one,without a doubt.Luca is just so filthy dirty and likes to be in control but there’s a lot more to the book.


Ryder is 28 and has his own past to deal with.He is Luca’s bodyguard but this isn’t a typical story at all.They are definitely both attracted to each other but there’s so much more going on….it’s not a fluffy relationship at all.

This is definitely the longest book I’ve read but it’s tantamount to the Authors writing that it didn’t feel that long,it completely held my attention……my only negative is that I wanted an Epilogue….I felt as though I’d gone on such a journey with these two that I wanted just a bit more at the end…




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