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Review by Judith

Sutphin Boulevard (Five Boroughs, #1)  by Santino Hassell


45stars4.5 Stars 45stars

***** 4.5 Stars and I want a Nunzio of my own.You know I could just indulge in deliciously dirty things with him and that dirty mouth had me very flustered…*****

“You like it raw, Mikey?”_Nunzio

“With you I do.”_Michael


This is everything I love in a book.

It’s raw, gritty and so real and of course, the totally hot sex scenes don’t hurt!
Michael and Nunzio have been friends for 20 years and have been through everything together.They are both teachers at the same school.
While they have always been very affectionate and touchy with each other it has never been sexual…until one night changes everything.
They’re out in a club, drinking too much when Michael meets a guy he’d like to get dirty with.
Let me just say this was one of the HOTTEST threeway scenes I’ve read and I’m not ashamed to say I’ve read it more than once!!

So, a line has been crossed though neither man is willing to acknowledge the significance of it at this stage.
They both stumble along and start friends with benefits relationship.It’s obvious that Nunzio’s feelings are deeper with Michael not wanting to go there.


Michael is still struggling with his mother’s recent death when his waste of space father comes back into his life announcing he is going to live with him and his brother, Raymond.
His father is seriously ill, doesn’t want to help himself but neither does Michael.
As Michael’s resentment intensifies his life starts to spiral out of control.
He starts drinking too much and his job starts to suffer and he starts to push away the only two people who care about him, Nunzio and Raymond.

This is not a fluffy, friends to lovers M/M book at all.
It’s about coming to terms with loss and how you cope with it, feelings of guilt over what you’ve said or should’ve said and finally realizing that the one who has always been there for you is the ‘right’ person.

Michael and Nunzio had incredible sexual chemistry and Nunzio is just sex on a stick.
Aside from the extremely hot sex, there is a really good story here.

This was one of those books I couldn’t put down.

……Highly recommended for M/M fans……







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