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Review by Judith

Control by Cordelia Kingsbridge

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I’m in a real review slump……RL is way too busy at the moment but that’s not really an excuse,I just can’t seem to post a coherent review these days….so this will be very short.

I recently read Close Protection by this Author and loved it.I was very hesitant to read this because of the BDSM element but thought I’d give it a go and I actually really enjoyed it.I’ve read M/F books when I was just getting into Erotic books and did enjoy them at the time but have found that they definitely don’t do it for me,so imagine my surprise when this one worked for me.

I’m definitely not an expert in this genre but I would say it’s very mild on the BDSM front.I thought it had a kind of Dystopian feel about it which I really liked.As with the other book I’ve read by this Author the two Male characters are quite fascinating.They have great chemistry but it’s not all about sex,there’s a really good story going on as well.

Would I recommend this one…..100% yes!
If you’re a M/M fan that wants something different but if you prefer the gay for you trope/or a fluffy romance,definitely not.