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Review by Judith


Vespertine by Leta Blake&Indra Vaughn


***** I just loved this.*****

For all my friends that have read this book and that love, M/M check out the link to a video that is just so perfect for this book….Thanks to my gorgeous friend Susan who sent me this in my update feed…..I’ve watched it over and over again….

Oh, and it’s really hot…Enjoy!!


“I always loved you.I can’t even pretend I loved God more.”

I’ve read quite a few taboo books involving a Priest and normally they might be hot but don’t deliver on believability.This one definitely did, it was just beautiful.

Jasper and Nicky grew up together.They were childhood friends which turned into so much more in their teenage years.But then Jasper made a decision that would tear them apart…..


Nicky left the town they grew up in and struggled.He ended up in the highly successful Rock Band, Vespertine.But as the years went by he ends up jaded.After mindless sexual encounters, he finds himself in rehab after a drug addiction.


Jasper felt God’s calling from a young age and while he loved Nicky the pull towards religion was stronger.Nicky returns to his home town after his time in rehab to re group and initially still feels a lot of anger against Jasper.

This is a slow burner and I did struggle in the beginning but the more I read, the more I got absorbed into the story.
It’s a story of two men who re-connect, art a tentative friendship which turns into much more.
It took me a while to warm to Jasper but when they finally got closer I ended up loving him.
And here’s the difference between this subject in books…..I could really, really feel Jasper’s inner conflict with his religion and his love for Nicky.

………A truly beautiful story………






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