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Could a pair of tattoos ignite a passionate romance?

Technical analyst Garrett Jones lives a solitary life. Occasionally, he must venture into the outside world to get what he needs. On one such occasion, he finds himself at a local tattoo shop getting inked for the first time with a semi-colon as a reminder of his past–a past he cannot allow himself to forget.

Fun-loving and outspoken Dev Hemingway is a social worker for a local LGBTQ shelter. He’s covered in tatts, has long hair, and though most people think he belongs on a Harley, he prefers his Venom electric scooter. He’s adding a semi-colon to his tattoo repertoire to mark eight years since his mental health diagnosis.

Though they start seeing each other casually, Garrett and Dev’s relationship soon deepens into something more than either one could have prepared for. But will the illness that brought them together ultimately be the one to tear them apart? Could this be the end of their story, or is there still too much left unfinished?


I really enjoyed this book!

The main characters Garrett and Dev are wonderful together.Dev..oh I loved him..outside he looks like a bad boy with long hair,his body is covered with tattoos (and drive a scooter 😀 )Dev is outspoken,funny,very easy to be loved and he has a big heart.His past was tormenting because he suffers from bipolar depression but we see here a strong Dev which did not allow of this disease to control his life.

Garrett is a lonely person who has problems to leave the past behind and the breakup with his ex-boyfriend.He feels guilty( for some reasons) and this will affect his relationship with Dev.Sometimes I wanted to slap him, to wake up. :d

The secondary characters they are wonderful and supportive.Sometimes dialogues between the characters are very funny.

I loved the first half but the second part of the book it seemed to me a little too fast forward sometimes but that does not mean I have not enjoyed the book.It is a good book with low angst, hot scenes,lovely and funny characters. I recommend the book!